Frequently Asked Questions…


Q – Why do staff members raise support instead of being paid by Campus Crusade for Christ?

A – We are a nonprofit organization and have no central funds.  Staff members, including the president of Campus Crusade, raise support to cover salaries, benefits, and expenses.  Then each staff member has a team of partners who pray for him or her.  Central fundraising would limit the number of staff members.  As a result of our many staff members, hundreds of thousands of people hear the good news of God’s love.


Q – How is a staff member’s salary determined?

A – Salaries are determined by age, number of children, and geographical location.  In addition, a staff member may raise funds for a retirement plan.


Q – How long am I expected to support a staff member?

A – That is a decision between you and the Lord.  Our desire is that you would support the staff member for as long as the Lord enables you to do so.


Q – Why do I need to make out my check to Campus Crusade for Christ?

A – Campus Crusade is registered with the IRS as a 501©(3) organization and we follow IRS regulations for contributions.  The staff member’s name should not appear on the check.  Contributions are sent to Campus Crusade with a slip with the staff member’s account number ensuring your gift will be used as you intend.


Q – Does all my support go to the staff member?

A – All contributions designated for the ministry of a staff member go into that staff member’s account.  Then 7 percent is used for administrative expenses, such as processing payroll, benefits, and other services.  Another 5 percent helps fund Campus Crusade ministries in places overseas where national staff find it difficult to raise support in their home country.